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We are a Colombian company committed to the development and production of healthy foods from promising raw materials of high nutritional value such as quinoa, amaranth, pigeon peas and chia, with commitment and social responsibility.

In 2006 we decided to found SEGALCO SAS   to contribute to the production of high-quality, low-priced food for mass consumption for all families in the country. We are currently located in the city of Popayán, Cauca, supporting the growth and production of Cauca.


La Innovación hace parte de nuestra esencia empresarial, trabajamos para encontrar la mejor manera de alimentar nuestros consumidores. Trabajamos con materias primas ambientalmente sostenibles, agregamos valor a toda la cadena productiva de la quinua.


Social responsability

We focus on the well-being of our Quinoa employees and farmers, who are considered strategic allies for the growth of our company. Trying that, from this union of forces, fruits are generated in the quality of our products and in the well-being of our collaborators.

We are committed to Quinoa producers in the south west of Colombia, peasants and indigenous groups from territories affected by social, territorial and armed conflicts, becoming a sustainable Fair Trade alternative for quinoa production in the region.

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