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Contact information

Cell: (+57) 321 639 8439

Frequent questions


​How can I place an order?

If you have a company or business and want to sell QuinoaClub products, you must contact the email, our commercial advisor se will put en Contact  with you as soon as possible to help you make your purchase.

If you wish to purchase QuinoaClub products for personal consumption, you just have to click on el button from buy that appears next to each product. Once you have purchased all the products you wanted, you must go to your shopping cart icon (     ) and click Finish Order. And voila, You will receive all the products at the door of your house!


Payment methods

 For companies:

If you wish pay your purchase order, you can do it:

1. Through our web portal, on the button for PSE payments that appears at the bottom of the web page

2. Do it through a bank consignment at the Davivienda offices. 

3. Payment cash on delivery


For personal consumption: 

At QuinoaClub we offer you 3 payment methods:

1. MercadoPago allows you finalize your purchase through payments with de credit, cash or PSE card

2. PayPal, you can make the purchase with your de credit card

3. Cash, if you wish, you can finalize your purchase by making a bank deposit at the Davivienda offices. 

All this information will be provided to you in detail, once you make the purchase!


Shipping forms

Once you have made and paid your buy, our adviser is will contact you to verify that the purchase data and datos personales if they are the corresponding ones. Posteriormente, despacharemos tu pedido, y en un lapso de 2 o 3 días máximo, recibirás los productos en address. 

All QuinoaClub products are shipped by the company Servientrega. 


Returns and refunds  

At QuinoaClub we do not handle returns, sin don't worry though!

All of our products are manufactured and packaged under high standards quality, so you always get what you want.

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